Winter Halloumi Salad

Winter Halloumi Salad


Salads are fast becoming a fundamental constituent of my pre-Christmas, healthy eating regime!

With a craving for halloumi, I took inspiration from my Autumn Harvest Salad to concoct this simple, satisfying dish.

I love pomegranate and normally go crazy with it at this time of the year – sprinkling its glorious seeds over everything I get my hands on!

This salad is delicious – the salty halloumi perfectly complemented by the sweet Crème Fraîche dressing. It would be great scaled up as a dinner party starter or side salad.

I detail the elements of the salad below for inspiration!

Winter Halloumi Salad


Halloumi – Sliced and lightly fried in olive oil

Crème Fraîche Dressing – With lemon and orange juice

Pomegranate Seeds

Toasted Pain de Campagne



Basil – Finely chopped

Mozzarella – Torn

Charred Baby Onions

Homemade Hummus