Spiced Chicken Kebab, Rhubarb Salsa

Spiced Chicken Kebab, Rhubarb Salsa

With BBQ season in full swing here in Scotland (long may it continue) this recipe is perfect for hot summer nights beside the grill.

Chicken breasts are marinated in a scotch bonnet, spring onion and soy mixture and served grilled with a refreshingly sweet rhubarb and cucumber salsa – Caribbean and British flavours combined!

Spiced Chicken Kebab, Rhubarb Salsa
Serves 2


For the Kebabs: 2 Chicken Breasts (Stripped), 1 Scotch Bonnet Chilli (Seeds Removed), 3 Spring Onions (Trimmed), 1 Garlic Clove, 2tbsp Soy Sauce, 50ml Olive Oil, Juice 1 Lime

For the Salsa: 4 Stems Rhubarb (Finely Diced), 1/4 Cucumber (Finely Diced), 2tsp Honey, Juice and Zest 1 Lime, 1tbsp Olive Oil, Small Handful Coriander (Chopped)


1) Make the marinade by combining the chilli, spring onions, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil and lime juice in a spice blender and blitzing to a purée. Coat the chicken pieces in the mixture and allow to marinade in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

2) Meanwhile make the salsa by placing all of the ingredients in a bowl and folding until well combined.

3) Place the chicken pieces on skewers and grill over a high heat for around 8 minutes each side or until fully cooked. Serve with the salsa.



Socca and Lamb Kofta


Socca is a revelation! Also known as Farinata, Socca is a thin pancake made from chickpea (gram) flour and traces its origins to South-East France. Three simple ingredients – gram flour, water and olive oil are cooked over a high heat with a little oil to create these wonderful pancakes.

Socca have a surprisingly rich flavour which puts me in mind of paneer or halloumi and are ideal for creating wraps or a simple starter. I used to pair lamb koftas with homemade flat breads – until I converted to socca! The wonderful softness of the pancake makes a fantastic base for the spicy koftas and salad.

Of course, you can top socca with whatever you like – a personal favorite is salsa or hummus. But I urge you to try this recipe, it is truly delicious!

Socca & Lamb Kofta
Serves 4


For the Socca: 300g Gram Flour, 760ml Water, 6tbsp Olive Oil
Lamb Kofta: 600g Minced Lamb (around 70% Lean), 2tsp Ground Cumin, 2tsp Ground Sumac, 2tsp Ground Coriander, 1tsp Hot Chilli Powder, 2 Thyme Sprigs Leaves Picked
To Finish: 1 Red Onion Thinly Sliced, Handful Chopped Mint, Juice 1/2 Lemon, Natural Yogurt, Handful Chopped Cherry Tomatoes, Salad Leaves


1) Make the Koftas by combining all of the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until combined. Form tangerine sized patties around long metal skewers into Kofta shapes. Set aside.
2) Make the Socca mixture by whisking all of the ingredients in a large bowl.
3) Pre-heat your grill on a high setting. Begin making the Socca as you would a pancake – using around a ladleful of batter per Socca for a large crêpe pan.
4) When you are most of the way through making the Socca, place the koftas under the grill. Grill for around 5 minutes each side or until cooked, turning in between. Keep the Socca warm until the Koftas have cooked.
5) To serve: Chop the Koftas into manageable chunks and place on the Socca. Top with a little natural yogurt, sliced red onion, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little chopped mint, some chopped tomatoes and salad leaves.

Leftover Socca make great wraps for the following lunchtime. Alternatively, crisp them up in a hot oven and serve with hummus.