Venison, Hazelnut Hollandaise

Venison, Hazelnut Hollandaise

Venison loin pairs perfectly with candied hazelnuts and hazelnut hollandaise – a truly delicious combination.

A real dinner party showstopper – this is a surprisingly simple dish which is sure to impress.

Best served with roasted potatoes or fries and roast parsnips.

Venison, Hazelnut Hollandaise
Serves 4


For the Venison: 1kg Venison Loin (Cut into 4 Equal Portions), 1 Garlic Clove, 3 Thyme Sprigs, 25g Unsalted Butter, Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper

For the Hollandaise: 2 Egg Yolks, 200g Clarified Butter, 25-50ml Hazelnut Oil (To Taste), 1tbsp White Wine Vinegar, 1tsp Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Cracked White Pepper

For the Candied Hazelnuts: 75g Caster Sugar, 2tbsp Water, 50g Hazelnuts


1) Make the hollandaise by placing a large bowl over a just simmering pan of water (careful the water does not touch the bowl). Whisk the two egg yolks in the bowl to a thicker consistency which is pale in colour. Add the vinegar and whisk. Slowly add the hazelnut oil to taste whilst whisking. Gradually add the butter whilst continually whisking (as you would do when making a mayonnaise) until exhausted and a thick consistency is achieved. Add the lemon juice and season to taste with salt and white pepper. Set aside or keep warm until ready to serve.

2) Pre-heat a dish in the oven to 200c. Place a large frying pan over a high heat and add the butter. Season the venison portions with sea salt and black pepper and seal in the pan for 2 minutes each side with the thyme and garlic. Transfer to the dish in the oven and cook for around a further 8-12 minutes or until cooked to your liking (I aim for an internal temperature of around 51-53c). Remove from the oven when done and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

3) Meanwhile make the candied hazelnuts. Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan and place over a high heat. Bring to the boil and continue to boil until a golden caramel is achieved. Remove from the heat and stir in the hazelnuts. Quickly pour the mixture onto a baking mat and try to separate the hazelnuts with a pair of spoons before the mixture cools.

4) Once rested, cut the venison portions on the diagonal and serve with the hazelnut hollandaise and candied hazelnuts.



6 thoughts on “Venison, Hazelnut Hollandaise

  1. Very stylish. Beautiful looking loin. I was in a Farmers’ Market at the weekend and saw some Venison Shanks for sale. I have cooked shanks and I have cooked venison but never venison shanks. They go on my list.

  2. This is so impressive. Well done. I absolutely love all of your recipes, the presentation, your simple style. Growing up I used to hunt deer and eat the venison for dinner. It was amazing to see your meal from start to finish. There’s something really special about that. I had never thought of a Hollandaise sauce for it. Simple, elegant, delicious. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much, such kind words! I agree, seeing your food from start to finish and being involved in its preparation at every stage is a truly special experience and one I wish I could share more often!

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