Pork and Cherries





Looking for some recipe inspiration I stumbled across Bon Appétit’s recipe section – although I am a subscriber I never think to check their back catalogue. Big regret, there is an abundance of fantastic recipes just waiting, begging to be tried.

Big regret number two – never putting pork and cherries together before now. What a glorious couple. The marinade for the pork holds its weight with the sweet and sour salsa and when coupled with some watercress (fresh from the garden) the lime really sings through.

I think the marinade alone would work wonders on bbq chicken. And the salsa? Get a big bowl, a big spoon and tuck in. Delicious!

Pork & Cherries 

Serves 4


2 Pork Fillets, Chain Removed, Halved

1 Large Handful Chopped Coriander, Quantity Divided in Two

6 Minced Shallots, Quantity Divided in Two

6 Tbsp Lime Juice, Quantity Divided in Two

2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

250 g Cherries, De-stoned, Halved

1 Red Chilli, Cut on Diagonal

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


1) Marinade the pork for at least 15 minutes in half the coriander and shallots, 4 tbsp lime juice and vegetable oil.

2) Meanwhile, make the salsa. Combine the remainder of the coriander, shallots, lime juice with the cherries, chili and olive oil in a bowl. Season lightly and allow to settle.

3) Grill the fillets until cooked to your liking or alternatively seal on all sides and transfer to a hot oven until cooked. The lime juice in the marinade will caramelize quickly, so maybe best to use the second method.

4) Once cooked allow the fillet to rest for 10 mins, covered.

5) To serve, slice the meat and cover with the salsa. I served the pork with home-grown watercress which added a delicious peppery freshness.

A different slant on pork which makes great eating in the summer months.


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